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Classical Electromagnetism download
Classical Electromagnetism download

Classical Electromagnetism by Jerrold Franklin

Classical Electromagnetism

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Classical Electromagnetism Jerrold Franklin ebook
Format: djvu
Page: 485
Publisher: Addison Wesley
ISBN: 0805387331,

The whole of electromagnetism in classical science is a special case at flat space-time, a condition that doesn't really exist. Difficulties related to compatibility with electromagnetic theory, and the famous Michelson–Morley experiment. Then expand the part where you treat (or show the difficulties in treating) special relativity in a Lagrangian or Hamiltonian formalism, and follow up with a derivation of classical electromagnetism. ( -- The laws of classical electromagnetism that were developed in the 19th century are the same laws that scientists use today. It was immediately noticed, however, that self-interactions of particles would give rise to infinities, much as in classical electromagnetism. The book is aimed at graduate students and researchers, as is only too evident from the equation-heavy, terse style. SMT359 is the Open University's third-level undergraduate course on the classical theory of electromagnetism. In the Aharonov-Bohm effect, proposed in 1959, quantum particles are affected in measurable ways by the classical electromagnetic potential, previously regarded as a purely mathematical construct. With a distribution function of the form $f=f_{0} + ec{v} cdot ec{g}$, one can obtain the current density. At first attempts were made to avoid this by modifying the basic theory.

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